Privacy and data protection

Personal data of visitors to our website

Turistička zajednica Istarske županije - Istria Tourist Board respects the privacy of all its visitors. All personal data and e-mails gathered from contact or reservation forms are considered to be confidential information and a business secret and as such may not be given to third parties.

Data gathered in this manner are used exclusively for: - the most efficient answers to your questions - ensuring the provision of requested services - entry to our system of price competitions - promotion of our services - internal statistical collation of data The Turistička zajednica Istarske županije - Istria Tourist Board guarantees that the above data will only be used for the above purposes.

Data acquired from registrations to the list for receiving our Newsletter is used exclusively for that purpose. 

Duration of privacy protection

The protection of the privacy of your data will last for ever. You may seek to be excluded from our mailing list at any time.

Details of privacy protection

We do not sell, rent out, nor give access to your e-mail address and other data to third-party legal and physical persons without your approval. Turistička zajednica Istarske županije - Istria Tourist Board strictly applies the principle of “no spam”. Your explicit permission is required for the sending of special offers and discounts Turistička zajednica Istarske županije - Istria Tourist Board is not responsible for accidental error or error caused by unforeseeable or other such circumstances through which your guaranteed data protection is accidentally compromised, but does guarantee that any error will be dealt with, if possible, as soon as possible.

Change of data

You may inform us at any time if you have changed your e-mail address or other data on the basis of which we contact you. Your current data will be used for the given purposes until we are informed of changes.

Your approval

By filling in the forms on the website you guarantee that the information you have given is accurate and that you are in complete agreement with the provisions of our privacy policy.


In case of changes to our privacy policy, all such changes will be published on this website. Any such changes will also apply to our mutual relationship as if they existed before your entry onto our mailing list, as long as they are in accordance with Croatian regulations and as long as they do not deprive you of your acquired rights.